Our Process


Everyone knows about Facebook and the power its advertisement platform has. Facebook made it super simple to set up ads, but unless you know how to set up the proper targeting, you will not see the conversions the way you’d expect.

We specialize in setting up an eye capturing campaign that is optimized for specific targeted audience. By researching your “ideal” audience, we are able to have more potential leads directed to your website.

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Our Process

Our discovery process is designed to gather the information about the industry to better optimize the campaigns. That being said, at a minimum we expect to deliver:

  • Create a campaign with a target message to increase conversion
  • Utilize best practices to capture attention with a combination of visual design and an incentive driven copy
  • Optimize the ad to reduce the cost per impression and/or click
  • Implement remarketing techniques to capture the customer

Target Audience

Aside from the regular ad displaying feature, FaceBook is known as the largest user data center and has partners across the web that provide constant updated information regarding their users. This allows us to focus on several key areas:

  • Custom: Using your customer database, we will upload phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook user IDs, and app user IDs. That information will then be matched to as many user profiles as possible.
  • Lookalike: Now that we have a picture of your customer database, Facebook can find similar users to open up a whole new set of potential customers.
  • Location: This is important, especially for a local business. Ads will specifically target a region, city, state, or country that can purchase your products.
  • Age, Gender, Language: Unless you’re targeting kids from 1 to 92, honing in on the right age, gender, and native language of users is important to effective marketing. Luckily, this is easy to do on Facebook.
  • Detailed Targeting: This approach is used to target new customers or people who’ve never heard of your business before. It involves demographics, interests, behaviors, and other categories.

Facebook Ads Setup

We begin by learning about your business and the audience. If an existing email list exists, we create a lookalike audience that will tell Facebook to target similar type of people that have, more so, common interests.


We then create separate ads under the same campaign to split test what works and what doesn’t. Once enough data is collected, we pick the better performing ad and close the other ones that aren’t delivery as great of results. This allows us to optimize the ads to peak performance.


The ads will direct traffic to a landing page that we’ll set up that contains an offer with a form for basic info collection. This will be the main conversion tool to generate the leads.

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Content Preparation

The delivery of the ad is crucial. The goal is to get people to follow the click-to-action rather than just add an impression to the statistics. We’ll prepare an ad copy that will provide enough incentive for the targeted user to want to click and find out more.

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Tracking Results

We will install a “pixel” on your website which will communicate with the FaceBook data centered and feed data into the algorithms. The more data is generated, the more optimized our ads become and therefore, reducing the cost per engagement and click while maintaining a high exposure rate. As we run your ads, we constantly monitor the performance of the ad each day.


Gathering enough data into the pixel will allow for better targeting. The ad will be shown to people that are more likely to buy or at least view the products we are showcasing. Each click, reach, or impression will let us know where we stand with the ad performance.



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