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Project Summary

Iridia Medical provides access to AEDs, medical support and COVID testing across the province, as well as serves BC’s natural resource industries by providing workplace safety to remote sites. They were in need of a website revamp with an updated, modern design that caught the users’ eye and kept them engaged, while also providing them with all the necessary information about their company and services. The website also needed to serve as a platform for users to easily place orders for the various products they offer.


Strategy & Planning

After reviewing Iridia Medical’s old site and researching the industry, we created a website structure that was intuitive and engaging for users, yet still easy to navigate and limited the amount of clicks on each page. Users needed to access information and products easily so the design was tailored to ensure the process was as simple and straightforward as possible.

web design services vancouver

Unique Features

Custom Website Functionality

A custom variation product functionality was created to allow users to easily customize the desired product and place an order. With over 100 products, the backend of the website was also set up for easy order management and fulfillment.

web design services vancouver

Responsive Layout

Mobile Friendly Design

Ensuring the website was as easy to use and as visually appealing on a mobile device or tablet, as opposed to a desktop, was another main focus of this project. With many users on the go and away from a computer the majority of the day, the website needed to be as simple to use on a mobile device as it is on a desktop, whether the user was purchasing a product, searching for information or even booking a COVID test.

web design services vancouver



Titles Gotham

Having a round and clear typography font style flowed well with the overall design. The Gotham font fit perfectly to achieve a visually pleasing and easy read for the viewers.

p Lato

When a professional font is needed, Lato always comes in handy. It easily fits with most designs and gives a modern touch.






web design services vancouver



With the revamp of Iridia Medical’s website, we were able to create a website that stands out within the industry, yet provides users with an experience while browsing. With custom functionalities and interactive animations the vision for Iridia Medical’s website came to life and became a leader in healthcare web design in Vancouver.