Our Process


We begin by understanding your vision for the video animation. Whether it’s an explainer or promo video, it’s important that we figure out what the objectives are, what audience is the video for, and what message we want to portray.

web discovery


Having a goal in mind will help steer the video animation in the right direction. We will work on a plan that helps plan out the storyboard, organize ideas, and guide the end result.

web strategy


The most important step in creating a video animation is the storyboard. This is what dictates what format the video structure will be in. Scene by scene, we draw out low-fidelity sketches to get an idea of the overall concept.

storyboard outline


Once the storyboard is finalized, it’s time to add in the colours, details, and final look to the storyboard. We’ll create all the required assets from characters to backgrounds, and present a high-fidelity storyboard.

web designer


This stage is where things get exciting. We take all the planning, sketching, designing, preparing, and put it into a live animation. Creating each movement, adding the sound, colour correcting the scenes, etc.



When the video animation is fully completed, we go over the entire storyboard a few times to match up the final video. We carefully examine each scene to ensure no issues can be found, ensuring the sound is clear, and checking if there are any parts that need adjustments. Once this stage is completed, you officially have a video animation to start marketing for your business!