With the progressive evolution of the internet, businesses need to be compliant with the latest security requirements set by Google standards. More and more consumers turn to online shopping to make their purchases. With this shift, website protection is crucial for both customer and business owners. The best search engines in the internet world have spent years exploring and implementing new ways to make the internet a safe place. And now that they’ve found advanced ways to secure data exchanged while customers browse, its imperative businesses and websites follow these new encrypted and secure ways to transmit sensitive information.

So, what does this all mean for your business? SSL certificates aren’t just available to business owners; they are a necessary part of your website development if you want your business to rank online. As businesses across all industries make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS, you’re leaving your business in the dust if you don’t make this important change to secure the data exchanged on your website.


What Is an SSL Certificate?

Missing SSL

SSL certificates have been around for over 20 years, believe it or not. Meaning secure sockets layer certificate, they ensure that any sensitive data exchanged through your website is done on a secure network. Although it might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to adding SSL certificates to your website, many businesses simply didn’t make the change over the last 20 years. That’s because SSL certificates were costly, and hiring a web development company to implement them was also expensive.

This July 2018, Google made a statement when it comes to SSL certificates with the release of Chrome 68. All users who have yet to implement SSL certificates into their website would be marked as “not secure.” This was part of a rigorous effort to implement stronger safety measures and create a more secure internet world all around. With a tougher battle against cybercriminals as hackers find new ways to get your most sensitive information, Google continues to work hard. They want to continue to deliver the option of online shopping to customers worldwide with an added sense of professionalism, trust, and security.


What Are the Benefits of SSL Certificates?


If Google’s demands weren’t enough to encourage your business to adapt, the evident benefits may convince you. SSL certificates are important for these reasons:

They Increase Your Website Security.

When a customer lands on your website, you want them to feel protected. No one is going to enter their personal information if they think your website is capable of being compromised. Likewise, your customers will never follow through with online purchases if they feel their credit card information can be stolen. SSL certificates protect this sensitive data as it is exchanged between you and your customer through your website. Login details, passwords, addresses, dates of birth, credit card information, banking information, and other personal data shouldn’t be compromised. SSL certificates encrypt your website so your customers’ data is protected and safe from online attackers.


They protect your subdomains as well.

A specific type of SSL certificate allows your website to be protected in its entirety with only one certificate. This means that your main site will be safe, as well as all your subdomains. This particularly useful for large corporations, eCommerce businesses, and business owners who maintain several subdomains for a larger website. While standard SSL certificates only provide protection for your main domain, you have options. Rather than installing separate certificates on each subdomain, your web design company can use a Wildcard SSL certificate to protect all your assets.

They give your business credibility and create a sense of trust for your customers.

Almost all online shoppers have dealt with a website that is bogus at one point in their life. Just think of all the advertisements on social media that go around. For some of them, when you look in the comments, you’ll see customers expressing their frustration in the fact that they never received the products they purchased. One of the main benefits of SSL certificates is that they build trust for your business. When an SSL certificate is implemented by your web design company, a security pad appears in the address bar of your browser. This shows your online users that your website is secure and their privacy is protected. In today’s online world, the absence of this icon gives your website the black label that it’s unsafe!

The lack of an SSL certificate will negatively impact your SEO results. 

Before the release of Chrome 68, SSL certificates were a benefit of SEO. Today, the absence of an SSL certificate will actually prevent your website from ranking with Google. The HTTPS initiative gives businesses an SEO boost as Google deems them trustworthy. Likewise, the lack of these certificates can prevent your business from ranking all together. Google standards help the hottest search engine maintain their credibility as they bring online searchers quality results. Since they don’t want your business to ruin their reputation, not having an encrypted connection will negatively impact your ability to show up in the SERPs.


Where Can I Obtain an SSL Certificate and Comply with Google Security Standards


It is easier now to get an SSL certificate than it was years ago. The best way to obtain the added security for your business and website is to talk to your web development company. While SSL certification was a paid feature years ago, many companies who do web design in Vancouver offer affordable SSL certificates to their customers.

Before you jump into business with anyone offering free SSL certificates to businesses who are not a current client, do your research. It is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure the security of your website is not compromised. Once you work with your web development company to get the green bar security pad of honor, you will be on the fast track to better customer satisfaction and better business protection now and into the future.


SSL certificate implementation turned a corner this summer with the “not secure” note on all websites who weren’t compliant with this very necessary security measure. The benefits of implementing this important encryption dig deep into the integrity of your business and the safety and protection of your customers. If you want to take advantage of the latest in Google greatness, talk to your web design company about switching to HTTPS. You won’t just get and added layer of security for your website, you’ll gain the trust of Google and your customers. And nothing says great business and future success like a company customers can trust.

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