When it comes to SEO Vancouver, any social media marketing company will tell you that getting emails signed up on your website is one of the most important things you can do. It’s important for both advertising and website development, as well as for generating new business leads. Email marketing allows you to reach new and existing customers, engage with your target audience, and increase conversions. Unfortunately, social media marketing isn’t enough, if you want to make the most of your resources, you need to focus on getting those emails! You truly want to be upfront and present in your customer’s inbox, instead of just on their newsfeed. If you’re looking to convert browsers to buying customers, collecting email addresses is one of the best ways to achieve that.


Email marketing, a proven strategy

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In the last few years, research conducted by any social media marketing company on web development and SEO Vancouver will tell you that email marketing is a tried and tested method for fostering new relationships with customers as well as cementing ties with existing ones. Emails are flexible and offer many benefits to customers and clients such as announcing deals, updates on products and services, and the latest company news. It can even be used as a way of measuring key metrics such as tracking open rates.

If your business is just starting, make collecting email addresses a priority, even if your primary focus is still on fine-tuning the details of your website. Once you are ready to get help from a social media marketing company or a top web design agency, you will have a target audience list ready to receive your content.


SEO Vancouver experts agree- you will increase sales conversions!

Sending out email announcements about your latest products, suggested items, and assorted promos are great ways to increase sales conversions. This is especially true when it comes to reaching out to people who are up-to-date with their emails, but perhaps don’t have the time to frequently browse your website. Remember, emails go straight to your target audience, sometimes right to the palm of their hand, it’s almost as if your website is sending them notifications! Bringing the merchandise right to their foresight is the surest way for them to see what’s the latest in the shop, as well as a direct link that allows them to make the purchase right away. Sending emails also acts as a great reminder to your customers, that your business has what they need, and they don’t have to go somewhere else to get it. Your customers may not have time to browse, but if you guide them directly to your inventory, they just might have time to purchase.


A quick way to spread the word

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While social media in Vancouver is certainly a great place to make announcements about your business, your content can also get lost in the shuffle. Social media is an amazing business tool, but there’s lots of competition and lots of distractions. Think of it this way, if you wanted to get a message to your friend, would you make an Instagram post or send them a direct message? Likely, you’d go the direct message route, because well…it’s direct! Emails are a more direct way to get valuable information out to your customers, clients, and audience. It allows you to reach out to people who do not regularly check your brand’s social media pages or perhaps those that purposely try to limit their time on social media in general. In addition to announcements about your latest products and promotions, email blasts are a great way to inform your audience about important news. This includes information on new payment channels, scheduled site maintenance that may affect access, and other business updates. During the Covid-19 pandemic, emails have been paramount to informing customers and clients about policy changes, safety protocols, business updates, and new products and services. In fact, during the pandemic, you may have noticed an influx of emails to your inbox from companies that have otherwise remained fairly silent in the past. This is because email marketing is an effective way to not only inform but to increase interest, if your business took a dip during Covid, email marketing is a great way to revive it.


Incentivize email collection 

Not everyone makes the effort to sign up and provide their email address, which is why it is important to incentivize them to do so! It can be something simple like an introductory discount code on their very first purchase or something big like an online giveaway for those who sign up now! If you have a physical store and would like to expand your built-in audience online, promote this email-based promo in your in-person store by including your website address on your receipts and having your cashiers announce it to everyone who makes a purchase. Other incentives include discounts for recommending a friend, the ability to earn points to receive discounts on future purchases, the promise of gaining exclusive access to sales, offering a free gift with purchase, giving away added value content such as newsletters, guides, or courses, and sending out gifts or discounts on birthdays or sign-up anniversaries.


Partnering up with influencers

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If you feel that you need more help in widening your built-in audience through emails, consider having a deal with an influencer or working something out with a partner company. Ask to be mentioned in their email marketing list, complete with a link to your own website or sign-up page. The “mention” should be relevant to the other person’s business or email topic, of course – so look for points of connection between the two of you. This is also known as affiliate marketing and is a great strategy for increasing the buzz around your business, getting your name out there, and increasing your potential customers. All those who are a part of your partner’s following may just become your followers too!


Make your sign-up easy 

Now that you know how important it is to collect emails on your website, be sure to make the process easy for those signing up. Your email sign-up form should be prominent on your page. Perhaps it’s upfront and center on your homepage, maybe it’s in the header or footer of every page, or maybe you even do a pop-up option when customers land on your page, wherever it is make it visible! Also, don’t forget to make the necessary tweaks to the mobile version of your website. The best websites use a responsive mobile design, this helps your customers, you as a business, and ensures signing up via email is not a tedious task. It really should be as easy as typing out an email address and clicking a button – if you want to collect more information later at the checkout, that’s fine, but if your goal is to compile an email list, don’t force your customers to spend more time doing that than they have to. Unfortunately, if the process isn’t simple and streamlined, browsers will bounce.


Boost your SEO Vancouver standing by avoiding these 10 email marketing mistakes

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1. Having a difficult-to-use or hard-to-find sign-in feature.


2. Overdoing it with email blasts of low content that force customers to unsubscribe.


3. Not having eye-catching or relevant subject lines.


4. Going overboard with graphics or content that takes a long time to load.


5. Forgetting to add a call-to-action in the email.


6. Not following up after a customer provides you with their email address, send them an email immediately!


7. Having spelling mistakes or sketchy messaging – if customers don’t trust the email, they won’t trust your website.


8. Not personalizing emails – if you have your client’s first name, use it.


9. Forgetting about mobile users – mobile responsiveness is key to the SEO Vancouver experts.


10. Not engaging with email marketing at all! Seriously, do it, no emailing list is too short to get started.


If you need help getting started with this, our SEO Vancouver team at BragDeal is ready to help you apply the best strategies for collecting emails on your website, as well as assist you with the many ways that you can optimize email marketing for your business!

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