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Within Vancouver, BragDeal Inc. is one of the leaders in web design, branding, marketing, and SEO solutions as well as business consulting and improvement. With over 40 years of combined staff experience in the design, web development, and marketing fields, we are proud to have a work flow system in place that is both efficient and reliable.


We work closely with each one of our customers and create a plan that brings results. We provide one on one customer service where we learn about your ideas, needs, and specifications. Our goal is to create custom designs, which are both unique and modern, and strive for a delivery that exceeds expectations.

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Our expertise in web design and marketing fields will help your company with anything from lead generation to custom requests. Using the latest resources, we provide the best user experience for your website on the market. We always strive to perfect every project as we know how important a website is for any business. A good website design will be nice to have, but a great one will be noticeable. Just imagine people talking about your company’s website when you are not even around. Each project always goes through a full quality check as it is our mission to ensure that your business growth. We are proud to guarantee you having an amazing front page. Existing customers benefit from ongoing consultations and maintenance services.

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The two words that best describe our approach to project management are transparency and interaction. As one of the leaders among web design companies in Canada, we strive to always provide the highest quality work. Our project managers discuss scope, timeline, and budget with our customers weekly; and our team works iteratively, embracing the idea that we’ll continue to learn and adjust as we go. We pull the necessary team members into the project as the need for their various expertise arises. Depending on skill-set and availability, we’ll assign an appropriate project manager to your project.

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Dan B.

With a strong eye for attention to detail, Dan’s role in this project is to manage the team, ensure quality is at the highest level, and guide the project to its completion. He will also be the main point of contact for the course of the project, where he will provide progress updates, answer questions, and handle all communication between the team at BragDeal Inc. and your company.

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Gurjot S.
Full Stack Developer

From troubleshooting to full backend development, Gurjot will ensure top quality is being delivered. His ability to diagnose the issues and get things back in order in a timely manner as one of the main reasons why our clients feel confident with their websites!


Sarah M.
Content Writer

Strategizing the content layout, while preparing engaging copy, is something Sarah loves working on. She is an expert when it comes to delivering a message to the audience through engaging content. Sarah’s role in this project is to study and prepare the content for the website.


Stan Y.
Website Designer

Stan has creativity that is beyond what the average designer can imagine. Each project Stan studies the field, audience, and company’s goals. From there he is able to create a unique design that caters to all the company’s needs and focuses on the main objectives. Stan will be in charge of creating the initial sitemap structure, site flow diagram, and wireframe layout, followed by the full design of all the website pages.


Max G.
Social Media Specialist

When it comes to ranking on search engines or getting traffic to a website, Max is the guy for the job. His ability to spot all the areas that require attention in order to comply with the search engine platforms allow for great results within short time spans. Organization and consistency are his strength when it comes to social media management and running ad campaigns.


Alik K.
Full Stack Web Developer

Combine a great front end and back end developer, and Alik is the result. His passion to create flawless websites is one of the main reasons our projects are always successful! From clean coding to efficient setup, he ensures the website is not only developed correctly, but also optimized for fast load time and complies with search engines. Alik ensures that the website’s future administrators will have an intuitive backend platform so that they are able to adjust things as needed, without any code knowledge.


Tools We Use

From design to development, we only work with the highest standards for each project. As the online technology evolves, we strive to continuously adapt to new tools in order to increase our efficiency, improve our delivery quality, and utilize trending resources.

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