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Project Summary

When Block One Capital approached us for a website, their goal was to help investors see the value of what the company has to offer and make a decision to join in and invest. At the time of our initial meeting, Block One Capital was preparing for their IPO, a huge step for their company’s growth by becoming a publicly traded company.

We understood that this sort of project could impact a lot on the performance of the company’s results. We knew that at any given time, a very large amount of people would go on the site at the same time to read the news.


Strategy & Planning

Keeping in mind that the news were an important area, and the website load time had to be quick, we began the discovery prosses. In order to ensure a smooth run from the server side of things, the design strategy had to consider the technical aspects when structuring the initial wireframes.

Through examination of the company’s background and documents, as well as extensive research of competitors and the general market, we drafted a plan of how we would go about the website flow and the development itself.

Our goal was to create a website that portrays a corporate feel, provides credibility, easy to navigate, and guides the user through a path. By testing and checking our developed sections, we would analyze what made sense and adjust as needed until the desired result was reached.

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Mobile Responsive Layout

We examined multiple Bitcoin mining companies, as well as many websites in the financial industry. We understood that in order to stand out and convert the results we were after, we had to create a website that is more than just aesthetically pleasing to look at. Our focus was devoted to the website structure and the ease of use throughout the website. Block by block (pun intended), we create a website flow that provided users all the information they are after with the least amount of steps.

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ALL Roboto

Roboto is a font made by Google to be part of the Android operating system. Google developed this font with a modern approach and followed the Sans-serif typeface family style.






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The goal was to help new potential investors to find the information they need so that they can make an investment decision.

Comparing the month of January 2019 to December of 2018, the number of people visiting the news page was over double. That means twice as many people are considering investing and read any news the company releases.


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new users

The more users come to the site, the more chances of acquiring new investors on board. The website structure allows for continuous grow in exposure.

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Helping users find the website

By implementing a proper website structure not just in the frontend design, but also in the backend, we’ve made it highly desirable for search engines to rank the website higher.

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Let’s do the math

The number organic searches almost doubled, that resulted in a major traffic increase. From there we had over double amount of visits to the news section where most investors form a decision whether or not to invest. We see in the screenshots that over 140 more ended up at the news page. Even if only 10% invested, that’s 14 new investors for the month of January 2019.

Let’s assume the minimum investment is $1,000 per investor, that brings an extra $14,000 in invested funds into the company. Again, these numbers are at the minimum levels. Some investors invest more than others.