Our Process


We start from taking notes and understanding your company’s direction. Getting a logo design in Vancouver is more than just picking a colour and font.  We first need to have a clear picture of your vision, which then allows us to begin the first round of sketches and ideas generation. During the process, we study the psychological colour associations that will be used in your final logo. This is a crucial step as it will determine your entire brands theme.

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Every company has a goal it is trying to achieve. The brand image is what people will remember, even when you’re not around. How a certain colour makes customers feel, the unique connection it creates with them, and the experience they’ve had will all establish the brand.

By following a strategy that is thought out based on the target audience and the company’s goals, we are able to create a brand that brings you results.

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The first step is to put our thoughts and ideas on paper. We begin by sketching the concepts and narrowing down the options. Once we’ve selected a few winners, we move on to digitalizing them into a vector format. Once on a computer, we begin exploring colour combinations, fonts, and placements based on the goal we are trying to achieve.

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We like to give you a full understanding of how and what we did to arrive at the final brand look. A presentation will be provided with real life applications using the concepts we’ve come up with. This is done for an easier visualization of the design in a realistic environment.

Once the concept is chosen, the final touches are done, and the colours are finalized, your brand has been officially born.



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