My Recon Therapy Website


Project Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that there is a clear gap in the market where the healthcare workers are left to deal with their PTSD themselves.

The goal of My Recon Therapy is bring awareness to the issue and offer a unique breakthrough solution, created by Dr. Sandra de Blois, that helps treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other trauma-related mental disorders.

From branding and website development to marketing and ongoing optimization, My Recon Therapy is live and ready to help!


Strategy & Planning

Organizing the website in a way that is simple and intuitive for patients was the top priority. After researching similar competitors in the industry, we notice a common pattern and standard layout. Although it’s important to follow the industry norms, we wanted to also take it a step further and modernize things by giving it a better flow from page to page in order to create the best website design.

Wireframe Structure

Custom Web Design

Unique Layout

When users landed on the website, we wanted it to be personal and trustworthy. By incorporating Dr. Blois photo at the top, we wanted users to get a sense of comfort just from the first impression. Using calming colours and clear sections, we ensured the flow is clear.

table View Design

Responsive Layout

Mobile Friendly Design

Dealing with users that are most likely on the go such as law enforcement officers, correctional officers, fire fighters, military, 911 dispatchers, ER doctors and nurses, social workers, etc. it was crucial to make sure the user experience is absolutely flawless.

Most of these people would likely browser their phone when they require this type of treatment. When creating the mobile view adjustments, we focused on maintaining the same feel as the desktop version yet simplified and increased the fonts. This allows for much easier scroll through and page navigation.

Mobile View Design


Brand Name Process

In order to come up with a unique yet memorable name, we had to prepare a huge list of keywords related to the industry. With that list, we had to think of a way to integrate a personal feel and a sense of loyalty to the brand. The word reconsolidation is an important term in the field so we decided to play with it and make it easy to not only remember, but also repeat.

Cloud of words

Marketing Material Design

Print Ready Designs

Spreading the word for a brand new treatment can be tough. Without proper marketing in place, patients that could benefit from the program might never get to see it. Having brand marketing material will help with brand awareness and remind both old and new customers about the company.

Business Card Design


Personable Brand Design

The official brand My Recon Therapy was born. After the sketching, erasing, discussing, and restructuring, we came to a final approved logo design that made Dr. Blois smile.

From typography to brand colours, we achieved an overall modern and effective brand representation.

My Recon Therapy Logo

Script Writing

Storyboard Preparation

The market is very visual, no one likes to read what might appear as a complex new treatment method. This 2D video animation was created to quickly capture the therapy process as well as be used for marketing purposes.

We began by creating a step by step script with visual representations so that the final product captures the message. Due to the 30 seconds time constrain, we had to focus on the key points we wanted to cover.

Storyboard Creation

Video Animation Creation

2D Explainer Video

Once the storyboard was finalize, we created the voiceovers, picked out the background music, selected fitting sound effects, and put the masterpiece together!

Watch Video

2D Video Animation



Titles Jost

Jost font was chosen as it’s clean and easy to read. While having a soft round feel, it portrays a professional brand.

All OpenSans

OpenSans is a very popular font as it’s very clear and spaced out lettering. With many thickness options, it allows for a dynamic flow from section to section.






Full Webpage screenshot



We brought our client’s vision to life. She really wanted to get her breakthrough training program available for the public through the internet. After a lot of planning and development, a new brand was born. We’ve created a brand that is memorable, easy to understand, and portray a sense of trust and credibility.

Lead Generation

Once the branding and website were ready, we began the online marketing campaigns. Having the right foundation allowed the ads to get amazing conversion! Within one month and under $365 of ad spend, we generated over 26 leads and reached over 20k people.

PPC Result for My Recon Therapy

Leads started to flow in faster than our client could keep up with. Aside from the leads that converted from the form submission, calls were also coming in daily.

Lead Generation