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Project Summary

VGC required a complete revamp of their test management system. The old system was too complicated, the layout and design were outdated, and the functionality was lacking key features.

We’ve created an entirely new software that helped solve all the concerns that were there previously. Integrated with the existing WordPress setup, we’ve developed a custom plugin provided more flexibility for the staff to work with.


Strategy & Planning

The requirements were to create the ability for agents from different locations to be able to send invitations to students to start their tests. Naturally, that meant the administrators would have more abilities to control everything in the backend. From creating users, tests, see results, to everything in between.

As well, for both the agents and students user types, there had to be a frontend dashboard developed for ease of use. Our focus was on create a user friendly layout. Having many different user roles meant various email notifications had to be set up. These emails required custom templates so that staff were able to adjust the wording, add links, etc. in order to fit better with the brand’s messaging.

Website Development Company in Vancouver - VGC Custom Plugin


Mobile Friendly Design

Being a school for students, it’s very likely that most users would use their phones. Ensuring the software layout was functional on a phone was crucial. A notice to students was placed recommending to do the tests on a desktop computer for better experience and decrease the possibilities of interruptions in the network connection.

With that in mind, in case a student stops the test mid way for various reasons, we developed an auto saving code that would store the state of the test into the backend. A automatic checker was placed in the backend to determine the amount of questions and the time that has past in order to determine if the test would be considered completed.

Website Development Company in Vancouver - Custom WordPress Plugin
Website Development Company in Vancouver - Custom quiz development



The main objective was to revamp the test management system for a brand new, more functional, secure, and overall robust version. Being a custom WordPress plugin, it was seamlessly integrated into the already existing site. This required minimal learning curve for the staff since most of them were already familiar with the backend.

Website Development Company in Vancouver - Custom Plugin Setup