Creating a website that meets today’s best practices and industry standards is crucial in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. While staying up-to-date with the industry’s latest changes is vital to your online success, so is monitoring what’s happening worldwide. Accessibility and inclusivity in design is no longer a recommendation. It’s a legal and ethical responsibility that helps your business meet users’ expectations worldwide. 

As we continue through 2023, Vancouver businesses must prioritize making their website design accessible. By partnering with our reputable Vancouver website design agency, you can ensure that your website is inclusive, providing seamless and meaningful user experiences for all abilities. 

Let’s further explore the importance of accessibility. In this article, we’ll discuss the key elements you need to include in your website design for 2023 and highlight how our Vancouver website design agency can help your business achieve more meaningful online goals! 

What Is Website Design Accessibility and Why Is It So Significant Today? 

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Website design accessibility refers to designing and developing your website so it can be accessed and used by individuals with all abilities. It ensures that those with visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive impairments can navigate and use your website and content effectively. The goal is to remove barriers that prevent equal access to information and services for all users. 

So, what does website design accessibility include? At its core, your Vancouver website design agency must implement design principles that adhere to web accessibility standards and guidelines. Online resources, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, can offer the framework needed to build an accessible website for your users. In these guides, you’ll learn more about visual design, navigation, content structure, multimedia elements, form interactions, and other ways to make your website more accessible. 

Website design accessibility has become vital to today’s online success for several reasons:

  • As digital interactions continue to rise, websites are the primary gateway to essential resources, products, and services. By designing your website with accessibility in mind, you can deliver an online environment that caters to a more diverse audience. It promotes inclusivity, ensuring equal access to information for all individuals. 
  • In some cases, website design accessibility is required for legal compliance. Many countries have implemented regulations that mandate accessible web design. Non-compliance can mean legal consequences and reputational damage. Adhering to today’s guidelines tells your viewers that you’re committed to inclusivity and take the legal implications of non-compliance seriously. 
  • More importantly for your online presence, website design accessibility directly impacts the user experience. Your Vancouver website design agency will tell you that accessible websites are more user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually aesthetic. This improved user experience allows your business to increase user satisfaction, engagement, and conversions. 
  • Google prioritizes websites that offer the best user experience possible. Adding accessibility features helps boost your SEO rankings and online visibility. Relating to the user experience, a more accessible site also positively impacts search engine optimization results. 
  • Finally, accessible websites can expand your reach, bringing you more online visibility and helping you boost sales and your customer base. With over 15% of the population living with some form of disability, ensuring accessibility allows you to tap into a larger market. Accessible websites are also more user-friendly for older adults and those with situational limitations, such as those on mobile devices and with limited internet access. By prioritizing accessibility, businesses and organizations can create a more inclusive and accessible digital landscape that benefits everyone.

How Can My Vancouver Website Design Agency Make My Site More Accessible? 

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There are several key elements of inclusive design your Vancouver website design agency can add to your website to ensure it’s more accessible to your users. 

1. Responsive Design

Ensuring your website seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes isn’t just part of a quality user experience. It is also crucial for accessibility. Since many users access websites on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, creating a consistent experience across all platforms ensures everyone can access your business information, products, and services. Responsive design is also critical to your SEO success, so creating a responsive website will only boost your business’s success. 

2. Clear and Organized Navigation

Implementing intuitive and user-friendly navigation helps users explore and interact with the website easily. Clear labels, logical hierarchy, and consistent navigational element placement create a more inclusive browsing experience. Descriptive tags also ensure your users can navigate your site easily. A more organized website helps your business overall but ultimately contributes to a more accessible browsing experience. 

3. Text Alternatives

Text alternatives or alt texts provide descriptions for your images and other non-text elements to ensure for those with visual impairments. They also help those who rely on screen readers understand and navigate your content more effectively. While adding alt texts is a standard SEO practice today, your Vancouver website design agency can help you optimize alt texts and other descriptive attributes. 

4. Adding Color Contrast

Designing your website with the appropriate color contrast should be the best practice of your web design team. Still, talk to your designer about contrast to improve accessibility. Effective color contrast helps those with color blindness and other visual impairments, ensuring readability and comprehension for all your website users. 

5. Keyboard Accessibility

Fully functional websites should offer the option to only use a keyboard for navigation. Since not all individuals can use a mouse, it’s essential to implement keyboard navigation. Adding focus indicators ensures equal access to all your website functionalities for users of all abilities. 

6. Transcripts & Captions

Your website should also offer effective audio and video content to ensure those with hearing can access and understand your website’s information. Include captions throughout your website where audio and video content is presented. You should also provide transcripts for multimedia elements. Although this may already be a common practice for your Vancouver web design agency, discussing this during video and audio content creation is important. 

7. Readability

Choosing the right fonts, line spacing, and font sizes can significantly impact how readable your website is to your users. This can be particularly important for those with dyslexia and visual impairments. Ask our website design team to help you choose the right typography to optimize readability. Looking through our portfolio here, you’ll see how we worked with various businesses to find the right font for branding and readability. 

8. Form Accessibility

Making your online forms accessible is one of the most crucial elements of inclusivity. If all users can’t access and submit your forms, you can quickly and easily lose paying clients. Forms should provide clear instructions. Form fields should be labeled appropriately with large, readable fonts and clear visualization. You’ll also want to talk to your Vancouver website design agency about ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies. 

How Does My Vancouver Website Design Agency Play a Role in Accessible Design? 

At BragDeal, we’ve offered countless clients the professional guidance and expertise to create captivating, inclusive websites. Your web design company needs to understand the latest accessibility standards to implement best practices during development to align with legal requirements and the latest industry guidelines.

 As the most trusted website design agency in Vancouver, we can conduct thorough accessibility audits. This allows us to identify potential barriers with your current site and provide solutions that enhance accessibility and create a more inclusive design to broaden your reach. When you hire our team, we’ll work with you to integrate accessibility into the entire design and development process. 

You can also discuss your needs with our design specialists to ensure your specific users have what they need to take advantage of all your website offers. From wireframing and prototyping to coding and testing, we prioritize inclusive design to create a website that meets the needs of all your user and beyond! 

Contact Our Website Design Experts to Create an Accessible Website that Promotes Inclusivity and Engages Users of All Abilities

Website design accessibility goes beyond legal requirements. It is now a fundamental aspect of an engaging digital experience. When you prioritize accessibility, you’ll reach a broader audience, enhance user engagement, and show users you are committed to equal access and inclusivity. 

Discover why countless brands and businesses turn to BragDeal for all their design needs. Collaborate with our reputable Vancouver web design company to ensure your website is accessible, inclusive, and influential.

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