If you’re looking for a way to expand your reach and connect with customers to bring your business to the next level, Instagram is the way to go. Social media in Vancouver is an effective way to build brand awareness and meet your revenue goals. After hiring a web developer to enhance your online presence, your next step should be to optimize your Instagram profile. 

Finding the right social media strategy can seem overwhelming, especially for beginners. Luckily, you can hire a branding agency in Vancouver to help you through the process. A quality social media marketing professional will optimize your social media presence and show you easy ways to continue to boost your profile over time. 

If your goal is to increase your profit margins and bring in new customers, this popular photo-sharing platform offers outstanding opportunities for business growth. Let’s discuss why you should create or improve your Instagram profile in 2022.

11 Reasons You Need an Instagram Presence in 2022

Since its inception, Instagram has continued to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses who know how to use the platform to their benefit. While you can easily find advertisement and sponsorship opportunities, it’s also easy to establish a strong presence on Instagram for free. With over one billion users reported in October 2021, Instagram offers businesses the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness and exposure. 

Still not convinced? Let’s explore why your business will benefit from an Instagram business profile. 

1. Access to More People

As one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, Instagram gives your brand access to a seemingly endless pool of potential customers. Instagram reports that over 500 million use the platform daily of the one billion active users. That translates into unlimited access to business success. With the right strategy, you can get your brand and products in front of countless potential customers. 

2. No Limits

Unlike other social media platforms, businesses across all industries and of all sizes can thrive. Instagram is a vital space for companies to exist, from large corporations to small startups. Instagram success isn’t simply reserved for big brand names like Nike and Victoria’s Secret. Mom and pop brands, new entrepreneurs, and startup shops can easily find success with time and effort. 

Instagram is the perfect place to raise brand awareness. You can easily reach your target audience by maintaining a consistent, active presence on the platform and posting relevant content regularly. You can quickly get your business on the map with the right marketing team. 

3. Direct Income

Instagram sales

Even better than increasing brand awareness, your business can make money directly from Instagram. The platform now allows businesses to make sales directly from their profiles. The eCommerce capabilities help increase sales and draw in new customers. With the addition of the Shop tab, it’s easy to attract sales directly from the social media site. 

Instagram also places a significant emphasis on increasing revenue through strategic product placement. The Shop tab now appears on the home dock and seamlessly allows users to browse featured products and purchase from brands. 

You can also add shoppable posts to your profile with the ability to tag products in your photos with links that include everything your customers need to know before purchasing. This includes product description, price, and a “shop now” feature that leads users to your online store. A reported 72% of Instagram users purchased products at least once using the site directly. With millions of active users daily, these numbers provide the opportunity for record growth. 

4. Making Businesses Relatable

Today’s customers want to connect with the brands they value. With Instagram stories, you can show potential customers the faces behind your brand. With the app’s live posts and stories features, you can deliver behind-the-scenes insights into your company and the people who work with you. All of this makes your brand more relatable to customers. 

You can easily show how your products are made, answer questions with Q&A sessions, and help customers get to know your team. Connecting with your brand in this way is an excellent way to build rapport, trust, and credibility with your followers. It shows the human side of your business and allows you to create stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships. 

5. Influencer Partnerships

Instagram Influencers

While you can partner with influencers on nearly any social media platform, most popular influencers are highly active on Instagram. Take advantage of online celebrities who are willing and able to promote your brand or products. 

Influencers offer direct access to followers that wouldn’t typically be within your average reach. When you find a dependable influencer, they can bring your sales to record numbers. Well-known influencers can put your brand and products in front of millions of followers with a single post. 

6. Hashtag Success

Hashtags allow you to set yourself apart from the competition and create more engagement with your followers. Hashtags are keywords that summarize your brand’s message and make your brand more recognizable. While small businesses won’t necessarily have strength in numbers, they can find a lot of business progress when using the right hashtag strategy. By encouraging your followers to share your products with a specific hashtag, you can reach even more customers. 

7. Increase Engagement

Instagram engagement

When it comes to social media, engagement is the key to success. Sure, having a significant number of followers is essential, but not if they’re not interacting with your posts. Instagram provides an opportunity for brands to engage with customers and bring them back for future business. When you deliver high-quality photos and relevant content, you’ll get more likes, comments, and shares. Ultimately, this increases your visibility with your target audience. 

To increase your engagement further, you can take advantage of other tips like writing a compelling bio or hosting contests and giveaways. The more your customers interact with your posts, the more the algorithm works with your brand to increase visibility. 

8. Eyes on the Competition

Being on Instagram also allows you to keep a close eye on your competition. You can watch what they do with their social media presence to get better results for your own brand. You’ll see what they post and how often and how they interact with their followers. This information can help you tweak your brand strategy to help you blast past the competition. 

9. Get Creative

creative content

Instagram also offers you an effective marketing tool to highlight your brand’s personality. Prove your credibility and make it easy for customers to connect with your business, order, book, and pay for your products and services. A professional marketing team can help you get creative on Instagram and draw attention and new customers to your business. Mix things up with contests, shoutouts, interactive videos, and live interactions. 

10. Affordable Advertising

If you need to reach new customers as soon as possible, you can take advantage of Instagram ads. Target specific audiences, link to your website and collect valuable user data with customizable advertisements. What’s even better is that they are one of the most affordable forms of advertising and can be easily tracked and adjusted to optimize results. This is a great way to launch new products or feature great deals and get your brand in front of more people. 

11. Track Results to Optimize Your Strategy

Instagram analytics

Analytics and social listening allow brands to optimize social media marketing campaigns for tremendous success. Instagram Insights deliver specific, valuable information on your current strategy. You can track how your content is performing and learn pertinent information about your followers that helps you improve the efficiency of your plan. 

You’ll have access to the following information with Insights:

  • Age of followers
  • Gender of followers
  • Followers’ locations
  • When followers are usually on the Instagram app
  • How well posts perform
  • Best times to post


You can easily track and monitor this information to perfect your strategy and identify the best practices for your industry. Third-party paid tools like Sprout Social can help you more effectively monitor your progress. You can also discuss your analytics with your social media manager to identify new ways to enhance your marketing plan. 

There are more people on Instagram today than ever before. These users are undoubtedly paying attention to brands of all sizes and types. Without an Instagram presence, you ignore one billion potential customers ready to engage with your brand. With 50% of Instagram users reporting more interest in a brand after seeing it on Instagram, failing to take advantage of the platform is a disservice to your brand. 

Connect with a whole new world of customers and leverage your Instagram business profile to increase your revenue and grow your business in 2022. For more information on building a successful social media marketing strategy, we’re here to help! Contact our marketing professionals today to discuss your options and take advantage of all the benefits of Instagram for businesses. 

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