Building a website is hands-down one of the most important steps for any business, regardless of your chosen industry. Even if your business is already well established, a website will undoubtedly make a big difference. There are many reasons why your business needs a website in 2020. We’re going to cover all of them to make sure you’re properly informed about why a business website is an absolute necessity nowadays.


1. Your Website Helps Attract New Customers

Attract New Customers

According to recent research, around 81% of Canadians perform online research before making a purchase or investing in a company’s services. This being the case, if you don’t have a website, you’re likely to miss out on many opportunities. A website allows people to easily find your business online and is an easy way to attract plenty of new customers. This is true both locally and globally. Furthermore, your website is up and running at all times, allowing you to impress new customers outside of regular business hours.


2. A Business Website Adds Credibility

Add Credibility

Credibility is important and it’s worth noting that over half of consumers simply don’t trust a business that neglects to build a proper website. A website also allows you to showcase just how seriously you take your business. In today’s web-centric world, less consumers are willing to consider your business if you don’t have a legitimate website to direct them to.


3. Websites Help to Increase ROI

Increase ROI

A website doesn’t cost much to set up these days and there are plenty of tools that allow business owners to build their own from scratch with minimal expense. A website that makes good use of SEO practices will show up in more searches in order to reach as many people as possible. More attention leads to increased sales and considering how little it costs to set up a website, you’ll definitely see more profit while also spending less on advertising. Running online campaigns that direct users to your website will end up being cheaper than traditional advertising options, leading to an increased return on your investment.


4. Your Website Expands Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

A website helps you expand your business and lets you focus on attracting many more customers than ever before. It allows you to reach a wider global audience and even target more specific groups of people in a given area. No matter what industry you’re in, tapping into additional markets expands your horizons. Additionally, your website will open your business up to a world of new possibilities and customers.


5. A Website will Help Show Off Your Services

Show off your Services

When it comes to managing a successful business, it helps to keep your customers and clients in the loop at all times. This includes letting them know about all the services or goods that you offer. Without a website, many consumers won’t be able to easily browse your available services and will likely choose a competitor who is able to better market their services online. If your customers aren’t totally clear about what it is that you do, you’ll end up doing yourself a disservice. A website lets you highlight what you do and show off what you’re good at, increasing your overall sales with minimal effort.


6. Social Media Isn’t Enough

Social Media Isn't Enough

While tapping into social media platforms is a useful step for any business, it’s not a golden bullet by any means. It’s also important to note that social media isn’t quite the powerhouse that it used to be. People are beginning to spend less time on social media platforms, so putting all your eggs in that basket simply isn’t enough to effectively grow your user base nowadays. Social media is still useful, but having a website on top of your standard social media presence will help supercharge your business’ overall potential.


7. Track Analytics and Results Easily

Improved Analytics Monitoring

Analytics are amazingly important; they allow you to track your progress and find out what works and what doesn’t. This also lets you track results in real-time while offering plenty of insights into things that you need to pay more attention to. A/B testing is another useful tool that uses analytics to further improve your website and extend your effective reach. Knowing what your customers want and what they focus their attention on is a crucial step when it comes to building a successful business or brand.


8. Increased Control of Search Result Appearances

Control Appearance in Search Results

SEO is worth paying close attention to and will help your company rank better in searches. Your competitors have probably already taken steps to reach as many potential customers as possible with SEO. If you don’t focus on SEO then you’ll miss out on all-important conversions and attract fewer customers in the long run. People don’t usually get past the first page when it comes to search results. This means that if you aren’t on the first page, most search users may not ever know your business exists.


9. Building a Website is Easier than You Think

Easier than you Think

Building and managing a website may seem like an onerous task, especially if you have no prior experience doing so. This is a point of view that many people hold, but we’re here to let you know that it’s not as difficult as you may think. There are plenty of platforms, like WordPress and Wix, that allow anyone to build a professional website with minimal effort. These platforms include all sorts of useful tools to help you achieve your goals and build an amazing website for your customers to enjoy. If you’re still unsure, you can always enlist the help of a professional website designer and/or developer. They can guide you through the process or build your site to your exact specifications, making the process even easier. This will cost a little more than building your own site, but will end up paying for itself in the long run. A website is also considered to be a business expense, so you can use it as a tax deduction.


10. Your Website Provides a Destination for Paid Ads

Destination for Paid Ads

Even if you don’t currently run paid ads or don’t plan to do so in the future, it’s worth ensuring that you can easily change tack if necessary. Many businesses will connect their Google Ads to a social media page, but that will only get you so far. Tying your ads to a proper website opens you up to increased analytics information in order to more closely follow things like conversion tracking.


11. A Website Shows off Your Unique Style

Show off your Style

Your unique style helps attract customers to your business and sets you apart from your competition. A website is infinitely customizable and you can really make yours stand out if you apply yourself properly. This will help you make your mark and bring your customers back for more. A website gives users an immediate sense of what you’re all about and what you can do for them, increasing the chances that they’ll take your business seriously.


12. Websites Improve Lead Generation

Improve Lead Generation

Collecting customer data, such as email addresses so you can contact them if need be, is a simple process when you use your website to do so. This kicks your lead generation capabilities into high gear, which will set you up for further success. Gone are the days when businesses had to struggle or put in extra time to reach out to potential or existing customers. If you implement the right strategies when designing your website, you can make your life and your job much easier. The result is that you’ll have more time to focus on other priorities.


13. Your Website will Improve Your Customer Service Capabilities

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is something that all businesses should take seriously and a website streamlines this process in no small way. Your website lets your customers get in touch with you at their convenience, even if you happen to be out of the office or otherwise busy. You can also reply to them remotely, from anywhere in the world. This makes your users feel special and like they’re your number one priority, which should be a priority for any successful business. You can easily respond to issues, questions, or concerns, while also receiving useful feedback from them at all times. You can also use your site to guide them to your physical address, allowing them to easily find you with no hassle at all.


14. Websites Allow You to Post Important Updates and Announcements

Post Updates and Announcements

Since your website is always accessible, it’s the perfect place for you to post important updates and announcements regarding your business. This ensures your customers are kept informed at all times. It’s also the perfect platform to show off just how good you are at what you do. You can achieve this by posting and highlighting customer testimonials and reviews. People are more likely to patronize your business if they are given proof of your accomplishments. Additionally, keeping them in the loop will make them feel more appreciated, leading to increased customer retention.


All the Benefits with No Drawbacks

And there you have it! As you can see, there’s no reason not to have a business website in 2020 to help put your business on the map. A website will also help you effectively grow your business and put you well ahead of the competition. If you’re unsure where to start or need a little help, be sure to get in touch with a local website designer and developer in Vancouver today. A professional web design agency knows all the little tricks that you need to implement in order to provide your customers or clients with the best possible user experience when it comes to your site.

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