SEO benefits your business in several ways. A rise in website traffic, a better visitor experience, and an increase in your customer base are some of the great ways local SEO services can encourage your business growth. But, did you know that most small to medium businesses do not invest enough in their SEO services to take advantage of these amazing benefits?

The most common reason businesses fail to invest enough in these vital services is because they don’t truly understand the SEO benefits available to them. Pair that with the fact that most business owners don’t understand the true complexity of SEO, and you’ve got have hit a roadblock on the path to your true business potential.

Before you get too discouraged, the good news is that it’s not too late to take advantage of local SEO services benefits to enhance your business. Our team of highly trained SEO professionals at BragDeal has helped hundreds of customers fix common errors, study users’ behavior, and create a strategy that turns an expense into an investment. Before we advise any of our clients to invest in SEO services, we encourage them to educate themselves on the basics of SEO. And, if you want to increase your business success, you should do the same.

When you understand the SEO benefits, you can work with your digital marketing company to create a strategy that is tailored to meet the unique requirements necessary to reach your goals. This will only give you a head start on the road to build a better brand and celebrate better success. As with anything new you learn, the best place to start is from the beginning! Let’s go over the basics of Search Engine Optimization for your business.


The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Most business professionals have heard the term Search Engine Optimization at least a hundred times. If you are one of those people, you know that SEO is a necessary digital marketing tool for your business. What you probably don’t know about are the multifaceted elements that collectively form the basics of SEO. Business professionals who have a general understanding of these different elements, carry valuable knowledge of the SEO benefits and understand what makes the services a vital business tool.

Search engine optimization is important because it improves your online visibility, increases traffic to your website, and opens the door to a world of opportunities for your business. When businesses increase their website traffic through SEO, they convert online visitors to paying customers.

SEO is a powerful instrument used to build brand awareness, create quality customer relationships, and market your business as a trustworthy and respected leader in your industry. Before you can see these results, however, your digital marketing team puts a great deal of time and work into the following areas of SEO.


Keyword Integration

While keyword integration goes back to the beginning days of SEO, it is still a crucial technique used today. The difference is in how you integrate these keywords into your content. Google continues to increase its standards to meet its commitment to quality search engine results. Therefore, they hold businesses accountable when it comes to what they expect from their online presence. Google is the number one search engine on the internet. So, it should come as no surprise that they set high expectations for the businesses they promote.

If you want to be considered a high-ranking business when it comes to search results, you need to meet, and even exceed these requirements. This is how Google continues to deliver the most relevant, high-quality search results for search engine queries. As a business, your keywords must be well-researched to fit your niche market and the products and services you deliver. They should also be used appropriately in the content you deliver across the internet.

Your digital marketing team should research the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases in your industry. Once you know what keywords your potential customers use in their search queries, and the keywords used by your competitors, you can properly implement these keywords into your content. This allows you to connect with more potential customers who need and want your products and services.

Local SEO services professionals know how to create keyword-rich content that attracts visitors to your website and delivers relevant information to meet their needs. Local keywords, long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, high competition keywords, and low competition keywords can all be incorporated in a way that builds trust with your readers and brings you more customers. Your SEO team should also optimize your titles, URLs, and other backend elements of your website to further your success.

SEO Keywords


Speaking of keyword-rich content, your website needs to deliver a constant stream of content to your audience. This will increase your chance to reach and engage potential customers. Think of it this way! Your audience uses your website to research your products and services and find out more about your business. But, you have the opportunity to give viewers more when they land on your website. You can become a source of trusted, professional information on the most interesting, relevant, and engaging topics across your industry if you deliver high-quality content.

A great digital marketing team will create a constant flow of content for your viewers. It will offer up-to-date information on the most trending subjects in your field of business. To get the most out of your content, you should deliver content through a mixture of these sources:

  • Social media posts
  • Web page content
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Press releases
  • Industry articles


Studies show that businesses who have an active blog on their website increase their indexed pages on Google by 434%! In an online world where content is king, a constant stream of resourceful information on your website is a major asset to your business.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a way for your SEO team to build your credibility across the internet. The goal of off-page SEO is to help you build your reputation on different website platforms. A goal aimed at increasing your business revenue shows viewers the value you bring to your industry. Your SEO team should use external optimization practices to deliver quality backlinks to your website from a variety of external sites across the internet.

While some people say that backlinking is an SEO tactic of the past, it is still extremely beneficial to businesses who do it the right way. The best approach to backlinking is to create content with a combination of:

  • Quality guest blogging articles
  • Infographics and social media posts that can be easily shared
  • Creation of a positive light shed on other influencers


Local SEO Services

It is no secret that most business searches and transactions are performed through mobile devices. Even with a desktop present, today’s consumer prefers to use their mobile device to research and purchase products and services. And, studies show that 72% of consumers, who did a local search on their mobile device, visited a store within 5 miles or purchased a product online within a day. This is why the local SEO benefits are huge for businesses.

Local SEO, also called local citations, is a digital marketing process that ensures your business shows up on a local level. This means that if someone in your area searches for the products and services you offer; your website will come up in the results. Part of local SEO involves proper keyword integration as we mentioned earlier. But the other part of local SEO is a more time-consuming and detailed process.

Your digital marketing professionals should be claiming directory listings, creating location-specific pages for your website, and creating pages with accurate information on your Google My Business, Google+, and Google Maps pages. The more accurate and complete your business information on local citations, the more credibility your business has with Google. The more credibility you have with Google, the higher you rank in the search engine results.


Search Engine Marketing

Finally, many businesses choose to dedicate a portion of their budget to search engine marketing. SEM refers to the paid marketing efforts you see through online advertisements. Pay-per-click campaigns, Google AdWords, display ads, Facebook Ads, Yelp Advertising, and Google shopping ads can all be weaved into your SEO strategy to enhance your results.

Search engine marketing is not a major component of SEO. So, many businesses choose to dedicate the majority of their budget to the main SEO tactics necessary to improve their ranking with Google. But, SEM is a beneficial component to any digital marketing campaign that can help you reach new heights and target larger audiences when you have the means to invest.


Local SEO Services Benefits in Today’s Business World

It overwhelms most small to medium businesses when they think about how to keep a competitive edge in today’s business world. As more and more businesses open in all types of industries, you have probably begun to wonder how you will stand against the competition. Once you understand the SEO benefits and find a competent team who creates the right plan for your business, you will worry no more.

SEO benefits businesses in the following ways:


  • Visibility and Rankings – One of the most important of the SEO benefits is its ability to increase your online visibility and improve your search engine rankings. If someone searches for the type of products and services you offer, you want them to find your business first. The way to accomplish this online is to implement an SEO strategy that brings you to the forefront of search engine rankings. The higher you rank on the search engine results page; the better chance you have to draw in new customers. When you invest in SEO, you raise your ranking status.


  • Increased Website Traffic – One of the more important goals of SEO is to increase the amount of traffic you receive on your webpage. SEO not only brings more visitors to your page, it creates a target audience that brings value to your business. You want your website traffic to be filled with visitors who are interested and actively searching for your products and services. Properly targeted traffic brings visitors who need your business and follow their website visit with an action that brings in revenue and builds your business.


  • Builds Your Reputation – As mentioned earlier, Google is constantly improving their standards to ensure that businesses they deliver to search results are credible and trustworthy. A good SEO strategy creates a sense of professionalism and relevancy for your website. When Google notices you are a high-quality business, they will increase your ranking and enhance your reputation. This creates further value for your business as search engine visitors associate your brand with a sense of trust.


  • Enhances Your Customer Experience – When you invest in quality SEO, you ultimately create a better experience for your customers. Search engine optimization services help generate meaningful content, optimize your website, improve usability, and enhance your overall customer experience. Positive customer experience shows your visitors that you are willing to invest in their well being and delivers a message that you truly care about your customers.


  • Business Growth – Finally, the most important goal and benefit of SEO is the business growth it brings. Quality SEO services help your business increase its audience, enhance the customer experience, drive conversions, and build a client base filled with long-term, loyal customers. Studies show that acquiring a new customer through your website has a 14.6% higher closing ratio than outbound leads like print advertisements. The growth potential for businesses who invest enough in SEO can create a solid foundation for the future of your business.


Search engine optimization is a vital service for your business success. When business owners understand SEO benefits, and the way the services work, they have the knowledge to properly invest in their business’ long term growth. Increased visibility, improved search engine rankings, enhanced business reputation, and positive customer experience all result from quality SEO.


digital marketing

If you aren’t investing enough in your business’ SEO services, there’s no better time than now to get started. Set yourself up for success today so your future business will reap the rewards.

Talk to a qualified digital marketing consultant to analyze your current SEO strategy and set a plan that brings you better results and builds a better brand. 

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