When it comes to creating the best e-commerce site, there are really only 2 options to choose from, WooCommerce and Shopify. These two platforms provide the most comprehensive tools and resources to grow an existing business or create a new one. Understanding the benefits as well as the downside to each software can help you make the best decision for your business and online store. As the world pivots around the ever-evolving Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are looking to move either partially or fully online, and having an e-commerce store can make the difference between staying open and permanently closing your doors. Our top pick for an e-commerce platform is WooCommerce, below are 12 reasons why!



1. There’s so much information available!

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WooCommerce is powered by the open-source WordPress software, extending WordPress’s substantive community to this e-commerce platform. With so much of the internet running on WordPress, the amount of support available to WordPress plug-ins, like WooCommerce, is a huge advantage to using the software.


2. It’s open-source

Open-source software grants the user the ability to change and edit code. This gives you complete control over your e-store and allows for complete customization. If you’re just starting out and aren’t concerned with making changes to your theme then Shopify is great for beginners but, not only does WooCommerce work with any WordPress theme,  you can switch themes in between and edit as you go.


3. WooCommerce is affordable

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Strike affordable, WooCommerce is free! That’s right, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plug-in. If you are already hosting your site on WordPress, which we recommend, then you can easily set up an e-store with no additional costs.


4. It’s user-friendly

Although WooCommerce is great for experts it’s also extremely user-friendly for its less tech-savvy users. And because it has such an expansive community through WordPress, if you do find yourself stuck, chances are there’s a great tutorial available to you for free, to work through your snag. And in the off chance you can’t figure it out yourself, there are many freelancers you can hire to resolve the issue for you.


5. WooCommerce is more flexible

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Owing to the open-source software, not only is WooCommerce easier to customize, it’s more flexible! It has many features and tools that allow you to truly create the e-commerce store of your dreams. WooCommerce is designed with all the features you need ready to use, such as billing, posting new-listing, advertising sales, and taking orders. It’s also great for sorting and filtering products, categorizing products, and enables ratings and reviews by customers.


6. Your E-commerce store belongs to you

WooCommerce isn’t a third-party, which means you have total control over what’s being sold, how customers can find you, advertising, marketing, and branding. In addition to all that, it’s your store so you get all the profits!

While Shopify can simply decide one day to shut you down, WooCommerce cannot do that as you have the files and easily can move to a new server at will.


7. WooCommerce can be used directly from WordPress

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All you need is a WordPress site and a free-plug in and you’re on your way! The free plug-in will definitely get the majority of your needs met but if you find yourself craving more features, there are special extensions available guaranteed to help you take your e-store to the next level!


8. Lots of app-extensions available

Talking about taking your shop to the next level, both Shopify and WooCommerce offer amazing app-extensions, but in our opinion, WooCommerce edges out Shopify. With over 400 official extensions created by WooCommerce (and countless third-party extensions), combined with its flexibility and customizability it is the best option to bring your e-commerce vision to life.


9. WooCommerce creates the e-store YOU want

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WooCommerce allows you to set up the store you want. You can sell digital products or physical ones. You can tailor features to members, sell subscriptions, make online bookings, or set up appointments. Whatever your business needs, WooCommerce can handle it.


10. It leads to efficiency

Using software like WooCommerce makes your site and business more efficient. It has great integration tools and awesome analytic powers which streamlines your store while giving you the information you need to make adjustments and alterations as you go.


11. WooCommerce is SEO friendly

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WordPress is the best website building platform when it comes to SEO and because WooCommerce runs on WordPress you get to reap the benefits! WooCommerce allows you to optimize your SEO to ensure your store, products, and services reach the people who need them.


12. Great support team for your online-store

WooCommerce is known for its excellent security as well as a great support team. Any questions you have or any additional support you need, you will get. WooCommerce is constantly being monitored by the team to ensure a safe and secure platform to use, which keeps you and your users protected. For the most reliable and secure store make sure to update your platform and plug-ins regularly.


BONUS – Shopify vs. WooCommerce? They’re both great!

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What it comes down to are features. You have to ask yourself “what features are most important to me?” For us, WooCommerce has Shopify beat in terms of cost, flexibility, support, and SEO, but both software will get the job done. If you are already using WordPress as your site builder, then WooCommerce is the logical choice but in terms of analytics, customer support, and user-friendliness you can’t make a mistake. Both offer the features and tools you need to build an online store. But like we said WooCommerce will get you the best e-commerce store possible. WooCommerce has fewer limitations, more functionality, and more resources to customize your site. If customization and flexibility are a priority to you and your business, go with WooCommerce.

The decision to use WooCommerce or Shopify ultimately depends on your needs as a business and e-commerce store. WooCommerce is great for both existing stores and building a business from the ground up. You can have a few products or many, and it will lend itself and its code to fit your needs. In terms of overall functionality, SEO-friendliness, fostering a great user experience (UX), and being aesthetically pleasing, WooCommerce really is the way to go. Don’t just take our word for it though, give it a try. If you’re striving to have one of the best websites, complete with the best e-commerce store then you have to start with the best software available. Remember, no need to worry if you’re not the most tech-savvy person around, with WooCommerce’s expansion community and support team you’ll never go without an answer. And if you do find yourself overwhelmed, the best web design agencies in Vancouver offer services to completely build your site from the ground up, including providing you with an amazing e-commerce store!

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