It’s impossible to imagine the web these days without thinking about how much time we spend on our smartphones and tablets. They’ve become our go-to devices for everything from searching for information on our favorite singer to ordering a pizza. Any business that doesn’t recognize the importance of mobile when creating a website is probably going to be disappointed in the amount of success they achieve with their site. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about local website development or global – the same rules apply.

The popularity of mobile devices doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our desktops and laptops though and therein lies the dilemma – how do you come up with a solution that increases your online visibility on both mobile and traditional platforms? The answer is to create a beautiful website using responsive website design. This type of design process may be slightly more complicated initially, but in the long run, it will mean you’ll have one dynamic site that works just as well on both types of platforms.


Making Search Engines Happy with The Web Design In Vancouver

Every website design company worth its salt these days understands that your site has to make the search engines happy if it’s going to be at the top of the search page and that means paying attention to the importance of mobile devices. Google and Bing both like pages that work just as well on mobile and desktop platforms. The best way for a website design service to achieve this is to use responsive design techniques when designing your site. Website development Vancouver is just as important as anywhere else and BragDeal can help make sure the search engines find your site no matter what platform someone is using.


Mobile is Taking Over

According to Statista, 29% of the online traffic in Canada comes from mobile devices.  If you’re not yet convinced that responsive website design is the way to go, consider this, in 2019 people are using their mobile devices to access the internet more often than they use desktop platforms. Don’t get me wrong, people still use their desktops almost as often and that’s why a responsive design approach is the way to go.

healthvue mobile view website design
Source: BragDeal Inc. – HealthVue Medical Website Design

It Pays to Be Flexible

In the real world businesses that are flexible and willing to adapt are usually the most successful ones and the same applies in the online world. A responsive website design means one site for both mobile and desktop and that means you don’t have to worry about promoting two separate sites. It might be a little bit more complicated to set up this type of site, to begin with, but by having one site that’s flexible enough to adapt to any platform you can concentrate on increasing the response rate for one site, instead of dividing your time worrying about two. That’s the time you can devote to your core business instead.


Avoid a High Bounce Rate

There’s another great reason to make sure your site’s optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms and that’s to avoid a high bounce rate. Any visitor to your site is going to move on pretty quickly if they find a site that doesn’t work on the platform they’re using and that decision to quickly move off of your site and onto another is what search engines refer to as bounce.

The faster the user leaves your website, the higher your bounce rate is. How search engines like Google decide to rank your page involves a complex algorithm, but let’s just say a high bounce rate for your site is not viewed favorably. When a website design company uses a responsive design approach, your visitors get a consistent experience no matter what platform they’re using and that’s why we strongly encourage this approach at BragDeal.


Web Design Bounce Rate


Sharing with Friends

The great thing about the web is that we can quickly share interesting stuff with our friends, family, and coworkers through social media, email, or text. When we find something we want to share we expect that the person we’re sharing it with will have the same experience as us no matter what platform they’re viewing it on. If your site was designed using a responsive website design strategy that’s exactly what will happen. It’s a strategy that works for today’s flexible world and that’s why BragDeal recommends this strategy to all of its clients.

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