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Project Summary

Running a reputable clinic meant that a quickly put together Wix website was simply not cutting it. HealthVue was expending beyond just a clinic, they wanted to bring the customer experience level up by providing a simple user experience and convert them to become patients.

HealthVue came to us for a full revamp of their old and outdated website. They knew and understood the importance of having a modern website design in Vancouver, and slowly realized the impact of a poorly designed one for both clients and investors.


Strategy & Planning

HealthVue had a large base of existing clientele that was already used to how things were running before any new website developments took place. It was important to organize and map out how and where things would go to reduce any confusions. By doing so, the same clients were still able to navigate around with ease, and new investors could review only what was applicable to them.

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Complete Makeover

Revamped Website Design

From the examples provided to us, we understood the vision HealthVue was after. We ensured that existing, as well as new clients would have a straight forward pre-determined.


The goal was to not just create a beautiful new website, but a specific feel for clinic patients that come to receive information. The website flow had to be simple and intuitive so that users can find what they were looking for with the least amount of steps.

healthvue website

Responsive Layout

Mobile Friendly Design

One of the major focuses was on the mobile friendly version. Since HealthVue Medical had a phone application, it was important for the website to easily be accessible on mobile phones.

We understood that the patients coming to the site could be of all ages. Ensuring the content and all sections fit well on any screen size was a major point that had to be tested over and over across most popular devices and operating systems.

healthvue mobile view website design


Branding Strategy

Once we had the new website launched, it was time to revamp the marketing material used within the company. We created HealthVue Medical a business card design that portrayed trust and credibility through a minimalist look. Ensuring that the card looked modern and had a corporate feel, we selected the typography and brand colours to form a card that fits in the health care industry.

healthvue branding



ALL Roboto

Roboto is a font made by Google to be part of the Android operating system. Google developed this font with a modern approach and followed the Sans-serif typeface family style.






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Our goal was to help HealthVue Medical get more booked appointments. By creating a website structure that had an intuitive flow, we’ve helped potential customers find the information they are after. By following our click-to-action method, we’ve guided these users to contact or book an appointment.

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Constant growth

Each month, we’ve successfully grew the number of potential customers getting to the “Book an Appointment” page. Our of 1,856 people that went to that page, even if 10% became a client, that’s 185 new clients in a month!

Web Design in Vancouver

How did we do it?

We focused on user behaviour, studied the industry, and reverse engineered the page flow that users go through. By doing so, we’ve mapped out what works and what doesn’t, and cut all lose ends. Now, as long as the website is up, users will get to the page and follow a specific “funnel” that we wanted them to go through.

Web Design in Vancouver

Let’s do the math

If 1,891 users went to the “Book an Appointment” page, and at the minimum, 10% actually booked an appointment, that’s 189 new appointments for the month of December 2018.

Out of the 189 booked appointments, if 10% become a patient at the clinic, that’s 19 (rounded up) new patients. Keep in mind, these numbers are the minimum of the minimum results based on the traffic that came in.

What would 19 new paying customers mean for your business?