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Project Summary

Revamping the Physio2U website look, we made things easy to use and look more modern. We focused on making it simple to find what users might need and added some subtle touches to keep the user engaged. We used a clean look that fits well with Physio2U’s care for its patients. Now, the site works great on phones and tablets as well, showing off an overall smart physiotherapy web design that stands out.


Before & After

The old website was starting to look dated, with a design that wasn’t user-friendly or easy to navigate, which wasn’t helping to attract new clients. It was a very basic and plain site, which didn’t offer much interaction, creating a dull experience. Now, with the updated website, there’s a noticeable change. The new look is fresh and centered around the user’s needs. It’s attractive and designed in a way that makes finding your way around effortless, providing a lively and interactive experience for anyone who visits.

physio2u before after


Fits All Screens

We recognized that most people turn to Google on their phones to find nearby physiotherapy services. With this in mind, we revamped the website to excel on mobile devices. The new design adjusts perfectly to any screen size, ensuring that whether you’re looking for physiotherapy services on your phone or tablet, you’ll find it easy to navigate the site, explore services, and get in touch.

physio2u mobile



Title Poppins

Choosing the Poppins font for section titles on the new website was a strategic decision that greatly enhanced its overall look and readability. Poppins is known for its clean and modern geometric lines, which complement a contemporary web design perfectly. Its clear, legible style ensures that titles stand out, guiding users through the site with ease.

p Roboto

Using the Roboto font for the rest of the website ensures a harmonious balance with Poppins, providing a highly readable and versatile typeface that enhances user experience with its friendly and functional style.






physio2u fullscreen web design



Physio2U website redesign transformed the physiotherapy website into a mobile-responsive, user-friendly platform. It now offers a seamless browsing experience across all devices, catering to the needs of users on the go. Enhanced navigation and engaging content make it easier for visitors to explore services and connect with the physiotherapy provider.