PuckPreps Website Development


Web Design Project Overview

PuckPreps was a concept at first without any online presence. The idea was to create a website platform where users can access key ranking data for their favourite teams and players.

In order to grow the revenue stream and continuously update the ranking data, a subscription base system had to be integrated.


Strategy & Planning

The backend structure of the hockey website development was one of the most important parts of the entire project. Without the data properly adjusting on the frontend, the entire system wouldn’t be working as intended.

We put extra care into customizing the admin ability to easily update players and teams’ info with as few clicks as possible.

PuckPreps Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Friendly Website

From our research and from the social media following, it was obvious that most of the website’s traffic would be coming from mobile devices. Having the website adjust to any screen size and be compatible with its functionalities was a very important element for this project.

Every user coming on the website is a potential new subscriber. The better we set up the user experience, the more likely that user will convert and sign up.

PuckPreps Mobile View



ALL Inter

Being a data driven website, we picked a font that would be very easy to read across all devices. The simplicity of this selected font type allowed for a friendlier user experience when it comes to reading articles and looking at various numbers.






PuckPreps Full Screen



Since the website launch, there are roughly 100 new sign ups per month and the numbers are growing. These results are based on pure website traffic without any marketing budget spent.