website development vancouver


Project Summary

When Unify came to us for a modern website development project, we knew exactly what to do. Their request was to have a minimalist look while user friendly at the same time.


Strategy & Planning

The page structure had to flow well from page to page in order to help users find the information they need in order to get help with grants. Creating simple yet effective backend structure to speed up the website load time and have subtle animation of certain elements helped improve the user experience.

website development vancouver
website development vancouver

User Experience Focused

Mobile Friendly Website

Most of the startups and business owners looking for grants are very likely to browse the Unify website on their phone. We ensured that every items on the page is easily accessible without the need of clicking or scrolling endlessly to find what users are after.



H1 DM Serif Text

Having a government and funding related topic, it was important to utilize a font type that is elegant and clear. The DM Serif font uses a familiar typography to all finance and government related topics.

Text DM Sans

Contrasting to the titles, this font selection was made for an easy to read and contrasting as well as clean edges. Making this font appear modern and flow well with the rest of the page.






Vancouver Web Development



The Unify team did not have a website set up and need our help getting something up quickly. They played around with other platforms but it required time and knowledge to get things done. We analyzed all the needs and requirements, planned the development stages, and delivered a website they are proud of!