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Construction Web Design

Project Summary

When Xtreme Rental needed a revamp for their older website, we knew it is time to implement the newest design standards. By improving the structure and flow of the website design, we created a website that helps users go through a funnel.

One of the main parts of the website was the custom application form for new clients that has the least amount of steps.


Strategy & Planning

We began by analyzing the construction industry, specifically related to large heavy duty machinery. When planning out the website design, we kept in mind that there would be a display of machines that needs to be organized in a clean layout.

A major focus was set toward the website click-to-action as the goal of the website was for users to enquire about the machines for rent.

xtremerentals process


Mobile Responsive Layout

Darci and Dale expressed the importance of the website functioning well on mobile phones. It was our top priority to have the mobile version dynamically adjust from the desktop view yet maintain the same style and overall feel.

xtremerentals mobile



ALL Roboto

Roboto is a font made by Google to be part of the Android operating system. Google developed this font with a modern approach and followed the Sans-serif typeface family style.






xtremerental screenshot



The goal was to have more people filling out the form to rent machines, and that was exactly what we did!

Comparing before the revamped website launched which had barely any visits, to after the launch where the website is getting some traffic, we can see month to month improvements.

In the span of 30 days from mid January to mid February 2019, 84 users viewed the equipment for rent page, and roughly half of them ended up on the form page. That’s almost 50% conversion just from having a proper structure in place.

xtremerents stats

New Customers

Over the 30 days period as seen in the screenoshot below, 89 new users came to the website organically. That means new potential customers!

Construction Web Design

Let’s do the math

From the stats we reviewed on the left, if we had 10% of the 43 people that ended up on the rental forms page, actually fill out the form, that’s 4 new customers for that month.

Since the machines are expensive to rent out, 4 new customers means a lot of profit to the business. All from a 24/7 promoting website that does its job!