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Project Summary

As a large furniture manufacturing company, West Bros needed a new website for their clients to visit. The old website was very outdated, had a lot of missing content, and simply didn’t bring much purpose aside from being up there.

The goal was to revamp the old website into a modern layout that makes it easy for establishment owners reach out for information and quotes.


Full Website Revamp

The old website didn’t serve it’s purpose to the fullest potential as it was old and many pages didn’t work. West Bros realized it was time to do a major facelift to the website. In order to represent their high quality chairs, tables, and all other furniture, it only made sense to have a high quality website design created.

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Sitemap & Site flow

Once we understood the company’s goals and audience, we began mapping out the pages as well as all the sections on each page. This allowed us to align with West Bros’ vision and set up the initial wireframe layout.

web designer vancouver


Fits All Screens

The customers of the website are normally large clients such as restaurants, hotels, etc. In order to make information available easily on any device, we planned out the layout to be dynamically adjustable with percentages. This allowed the elements on the page to adjust their position depending on the screen size.

web designer vancouver



H1 Poppins

We wanted to have a font that loads fast, visually easy to read, and modern typography. Poppins achieved this result and helped make the design flow nicely as users scroll.

p Open Sans

Using Open Sands for the majority of the content allowed us to create consistency from page to page while maintaining a corporate and clean vibe.






web designer vancouver



West Bros has leveled up it’s online presence! We created a brand new website design that serves its users with information that is easy to find and navigate to. From the discovery session to the final touches, this website development was focused on the end user and ensuring the process to locate information was simple and intuitive.

web designer vancouver