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Project Summary

Ocean Group Hotel first came to us around 2015 to get a hotel website design done for their company. Since then, they grew significantly and expanded with new hotels. It was time for a full revamp to reflect all the new locations, restaurants, and overall company online presence to reflect all of the changes.

The goal of the new website design was to illustrate the resort vibe and make it simple for users to submit a booking request.


Strategy & Planning

The main focus on the revamp was the user booking request. The idea of the site is to showcase the hotels, present brief details, and targets the users to request a booking.

By using Click-To-Action buttons and by structuring the website in a way that leads users through a path, we set up the website to convert at the most optimized way.

ogh strategy


Mobile Responsive Design

A lot of Ocean Group Hotel’s clients are mobile users which means that a mobile friendly website design was a top priority.

We set the design structure in a way that as the screen size changes, the blocks stack on top of each other.

ogh phone



H1 Dancing Script

Bouncy letters that provide a live feeling to the reader. Taking ideas from the 50’s, this font type combined many different weight distributions.

This font was selected to make the slogan stand out from the rest of the text on the site. It grabs attention due to it’s fun vibe and that ties in well with the image of the resorts.

p Roboto

Roboto is a font made by Google to be part of the Android operating system. Google developed this font with a modern approach and followed the Sans-serif typeface family style.

This font was chosen as the leading typeface for most of the content on the site. It’s clear and modern look makes the flow of text easy to read.

a Open Sans

Open Sans is from the sans-serif typeface family that was designed by Steve Matteson. It is one of the trendy fonts that is used across a wide spread on websites. The font’s highly legible style allows readers have an easy time on smaller screen sizes.

We mainly used this font for links and clickable items to separate these from the static content. The slightly different typeface style allows for an intuitive user flow through the pages.






oceangrouphotel fullscreen



In under 2 months, the new site generated over 300 booking requests. The structure of the website allows for an intuitive and user friendly flow, which resulted in many conversions. These numbers have exceeded what we anticipated.


Bounce Rate

Before and after launch comparison. We’ve reduced the bounce rate by a significant amount, which means the website page flow is much more effective for users.

Hotel Website Design

Organic Searches

Although we haven’t performed any SEO services since the new website launch, the backend has done its job. By simply having a proper backend structure, we’ve let search engines make it easier to crawl the site and show them what we want them to see.Hotel Website Design