Real Estate Web Design


Project Summary

As an upcoming real estate agency, Kogan Real Estate need a new website for their business. The top priority was on creating a Realtor web design that’s inviting and had an intuitive flow to help users find what they might be after.

The goal was to make the website a resourceful tool so buyers and sellers come back each time something related real estate was needed.

Web Design Discovery

Website Development Strategy

Creating a unique web design that gives a luxury feeling required strong attention to detail. Many real estate buyers and sellers want to find what they are looking for, and they want to do it fast. Their goal is to reach out to the real estate agent after they got the information they needed from the website. Planning out the website structure made a huge difference for conversions just by having a proper user flow from page to page.

When we planned the website layout, the goal was to make it intuitive and interactive, while giving a completely fresh experience unlike any other real estate agents’ website seen before.

Real Estate Web Design Project

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Friendly

Every element on the page was set to guide users where they need to go. Whether it’s to find information about a property, calculate property taxes, or simply get guidance, the design allowed to easily navigate from page to page.

Doing so allowed removing confusions and uncertainties, which ultimately lead to more contact form submissions and calls.

Realtor Website Design



H1 Eina

The website has a very organized structure and this font choice went well with the sharp and clear look. Its straight cuts and very obvious lettering flows well with the grid and elements around the page.

p Inter Regular

Easy on the eye yet very clean look, this font helps maintain the modern look and feel while providing a great user experience.






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