Web Design CBD - Glory Botanicals


Project Summary

When Glory Botanicals first came to us for a website revamp, the main focus was to create a luxury feel.

They just didn’t love their old website and wanted something fresh, modern, and intuitive.

In a competitive industry such as the CBD and Cannabis in general, having a professional website design is a must. Throughout the project, we’ve implemented new strategies that help capture attention while interacting with the viewer.


Strategy & Planning

Creating a CBD website flow that is super simple was the main objective. Users should be able to select what they need from the E-Commerce store, then head over to the checkout page.

We wanted to make sure customers do not get lost, confused, or stuck at any step during the process.

website design company vancouver


Mobile Friendly CBD Store

While the desktop view provides a unique experience, we made sure that the mobile users are not left out. The mobile view of this e-commerce CBD store is just as pleasing to navigate through. From the animating elements to the transitioning from page to page, users will have an easy time finding what they are after!


As you move from desktop to mobile view, the layout fully adjusts in a fluid and dynamic way to fit the smaller screen size. Each element in the web design re-organizes itself into its new position, allowing you to easily scroll through the pages.

website design company vancouver



H2 Poppins

We wanted a round yet bold font to represent titles or highlighted parts. During our research, we focused on a font type that connected well with the company’s logo.

H4 Helveticare Regular

We found that this modern font had a great flow with the design, as well as compatibility with most devices. This font choice was selected as it’s easy to read due to its clarity, even when the size is a bit smaller.






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Glory Botanicals really didn’t like their old website. Our mission was to create something that makes them say “YES” on the first shot. We were able to achieve this result by standing their existing branding, understanding their audience, and analyzing their competitors along with websites the team liked.