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Project Summary

Finzat was referred to us for a major website revamp from the ground up. They struggled with getting an edge on the design and flow. Creating a design layout that captures the interest of shareholders was beyond coding and organizing a corporate website. It meant finding the gap between the casual browsers and the actual interested investors. The goal was to increase the traffic conversion by creating a click-to-action flow for the traffic coming which meant studying the behaviour of the users through heat maps and analytics to get the correct element positioning. By doing so, we decreased the bounce rate and increased the conversion.


Strategy & Planning

Using the discovery phase results, we created a website that utilized the Finzat branding. From a structural standpoint, we needed to craft a design structure that both users and search engines would appreciate. This required re-structuring all of Finzat’s old landing page, as it previously did not match either of those marks. Using WordPress and dynamic coding made this task scalable.

finzat tablet


Mobile Responsive Layout

We polled existing clients, observed analytics and competitor behaviours to come up with a website design that has a trust association, easy and user friendly navigation, and aesthetically pleasing. This ensures users can find exactly what they want, when they want it.

finzat mobile



H1 Roboto

Roboto is a font made by Google to be part of the Android operating system. Google developed this font with a modern approach and followed the Sans-serif typeface family style.

Being a clear and bold font, this was our selection of font type for headings.

P Lato

A humanist font from the sans-serif family. Designed by Lukasz Dziedzic who named it Lato, which means “summer” in Polish.

This font was chosen to represent the paragraphs of the website as it provided a clean look, easy to read, and portrayed a corporate feel.






finzat screenshot



Finzat wanted a fresh new website as their old one was a quickly put together piece just to have something up. We created a website that made our client says “Wow!”, and that was what we were after.

The website helps portraying a trust worthy and credible company that can help investors with their blockchain related investments.

bitmap 5