Project Summary

Every organization that has been around for a long time understands that in order to keep up with the technology and the evolving online standards, the company’s website has to be revamped.

BCGS has reached a point where their website was cluttered with a lot of content. Pages and text started to simply over populate the website and they wanted a full revamp. We created a web design that is modern and organized, yet delivering all of the important content.


Strategy & Planning

Being a content heavy website, we ensured a proper organization took place. Having a full website site flow allowed both Anchor Pacific Group and BragDeal’s team to be on the same page. It made things much easier to follow and analyze and provided a clear view of what parts could be improved or changed before they were developed.

By following the laid out site flow, we created a system that required minimum revisions and was optimal for an intuitive user experience.


Web Design in Vancouver

Full Website Revamp

Once we had the structure and all content refined, we began putting all the pieces together. Almost immediately, the website allowed to have breathing room between sections. It provided a clear path to locate information, and a very structured look to represent the organization.


Responsive Website Design

Mobile Friendly

Having large amount of content meant we had to figure out a way to fit it all in a small display. By organizing the sections in a block style, it was much simpler to stack them up on a mobile view. This way, we created an easy flow from section to section while scrolling up/down the website.




ALL Open Sans

Since BCGS is a content heavy website, the font choice had to be simple, clear, yet modern to flow with the website revamp. We’ve decided that this font worked well for titles in a bold weight style, as well as for regular text throughout the page.









Working on a Non-Profit web design in Vancouver meant more than just creating a website for us. We wanted to create a place that helped the organization deliver it’s content and message better.

We cleaned up an old site and made it look fresh again, providing its user with a much better experience, and a simpler way to find the information they are looking for.

The traffic has picked up significantly, nearly tripled. This is due to a cleaner structure. Users are staying on the page longer as they content is laid out in format that flows and helps them locate what they were after.

bcgs website traffic