“Oh, you have a business? That’s cool! What’s your social media?” – is a common reaction to learning that you have a business, own your own company, have a neat little start-up, or are starting an online store. And in today’s world, it’s a really valid question. Not only is having a social media page affiliated with your business commonplace, but it’s also practically required. Social media is where many people connect personally with their favourite brands, stay up-to-date, and assess credibility. If you’re up against a competitor and their social media is more modern, interactive, and updated, they may just edge you out in sales. Business and social media branding go hand in hand, with social media marketing offering some amazing benefits. So, now’s the time to have a think about it, how do you plan to generate interest and keep people focused on your business? Your clients are constantly refreshing their social media feeds, it’s time to make sure they land on your page next.


Social media branding is great for engagement!

Social media branding
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All along social media in Vancouver has been about connecting with others and that’s still the case, however now, it’s shifted away from solely connecting with friends and family and moved towards connecting with clients, target audiences, investors, patrons, members, and more! For these reasons, it’s extremely important to establish an online presence that reflects your brand, your values, and your vision to your customers. Social media gives you a direct way to engage with your key demographic, relay news, get feedback, and connect, which solidifies your brand in the minds of those who interact with your social media accounts. In addition to that, it helps you boost SEO, you know, search engine optimization, which increases your chance of showing up in the top results on pages like Google and other search engines.

One of social media’s top features is the #hashtag. Hashtags allow users to easily search keywords, catchphrases, and witty advertising slogans so they can best connect to your online content. This feature gives businesses the opportunity to create their own hashtag that clients can use to stay connected and find other users who also support the business. Take a look at the hashtags published by your favourite brands, they’re catchy and memorable, and an excellent way to organize snippets of information. All customers need to do is search the specific hashtag and immediately they have access to everything related to that topic. This feature allows you as a business to educate your patrons about your brand and allows your target audience to stay updated with your products, promotions, reviews, and more! Hashtags and keywords also allow your target audience to make connections between your brand and similar ones, which may help you get found more easily as well as boost your business by association.


The social media branding Vancouver experts have one question to ask you – do you love free advertising!?

Social media marketing
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Establishing a business presence on social media in Vancouver, or any top social media marketing city, is crucial to the success of your business, and we’re not going to sugar coat it, in-depth marketing campaigns can be expensive. The good news is, social media marketing is free! Even when it’s not free, as is the case for paid advertisements, such as the ones through Instagram or Facebook, are affordable, accessible, and easy to use. Yes, you will still need to spend time and money on creating content, either yourself or outsourced, to optimize these free platforms, but hosting up and posting up your text and pictures is free of charge. Billions of people worldwide use social media, and as a business, you should too! When your social media marketing strategies are consistent, on point, and eye-catching you can expect your business to reach hundreds of thousands of potential new customers, as well as maintain engagement with your current client base.

Times have changed, and in all honesty, conventional means of advertising such as paper flyers, magazine adverts, and word-of-mouth simply don’t carry the same weight and reward as online marketing. If you want to reach your target audience within minutes and have the potential to interact with them personally, screen-to-screen, minutes later, then there’s no better way than online and the social media branding Vancouver scene will attest to this!

Now, if you’re ready to pull the trigger and step up your social media game beyond the free services, there are paid services available to you. These paid services are not a necessity to have a successful online presence, however, some social media sites will prioritize paid content over free content, making it even more likely that your audience will find you. These paid services also provide you with additional tools to help you better run your business by allowing you to make the most of your analytics and advertising strategies. With that being said, the free platforms let you take advantage of hashtags, post-sharing, and other features which allow you to get noticed, for free!


Social media grows your business!

Social media
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Social media and branding Vancouver agencies have certainly evolved with the influx of social media which tells us there’s nowhere to go but up for the top businesses in Vancouver! Social media allows businesses to reach their target audiences and allows customers to more easily find the brands and services they value and align with. It’s beneficial to both the business and the client- it’s a win-win! Although a social media feed may seem like nothing more than a fun use of time and a captivating collection of texts and visuals, to the experienced content strategist, this is a treasure chest full of lucrative possibilities. Social media marketing that captures and holds the attention of the audience translates into a business that makes sales and profits. In fact, many new businesses begin to design and craft content for their social media pages before they complete their websites or online store, simply to gain traction and a loyal fanbase. By taking advantage of the many free and easy-to-use social media platforms out there, companies give themselves a head start with their marketing campaign to ensure when their services and products are ready, their customers are ready too. An aesthetically pleasing, well-laid out, and informative content-filled social media page is the first step in creating a great UX for your target audience, which will keep them coming back for more.

Getting your social media branding on point can and will make the difference between a company that excels and a company that simply gets noticed. If you need a little extra help with your marketing, the social media branding Vancouver scene is full of awesome specialists and the top web design agencies to help you see your businesses’ vision come to life. With their help you can enjoy an increase in sales, connect with your audience, and ensure that you have eyes and ears on the ground (and on the screen) at all times. Suffice it to say, there’s no excuse for not having social media for your business, the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide! So what are you waiting for, reserve that Instagram handle, set up that Facebook page, and start tweeting – your business will thank you!

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